Exhibit ‘A’

People have said that I am a troublemaker, whenever I got out with Reiss and his group something always happens. This is what happened when I went out with just Reiss on Friday:

I was in a pub in Hackney (The Dolphin) with Reiss on Friday and we ended up sitting on something (I think it was the pool table that had been covered over with some wood) at the back of the pub and a group of people came and sat next to us.

Reiss went and started speaking to the girl in the group and the guy sitting next to me started staring at Reiss and giving him dirty looks, he then muttered “why don’t you leave her alone” at which point I said “Oh he’s OK he’s my mate”.

The guy, not turning to me, just said “I know, I don’t care, I wish you two would just leave”. I said “there is no need to be like that”, I went to pick my bottle of beer up and he slapped my hand away quite hard and again said “why don’t you both piss off?”

Is this me causing trouble?

I am not going to let someone have a go at me, and strike me, simply for sitting next to him (in fact he sat next to me!) and I’m not going to let him sit there and talk like that about my friend, whether he can hear him or not.

Maybe people are right and I am a troublemaker, maybe next time I should just shut my big fat mouth and let things naturally happen to other people.

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