Excellent Training Session

Training was really fun last night. I turned up to see a group of them blasting the ball at each other, I tried to stay out of the way but someone managed to get me by hitting the ball over my head, hitting the netting behind me and it dropped onto my head and then bounced on the grass and hit me in the chin.

I’m not sure if it is the fact that I’m doing some extra workouts at home during the week but I found the training very easy on my body this week, normally when we do some running I’m lagging at the back but I was with the front of the pack for the entire session and felt fine.

Not only were the workouts enjoyable but there was a lot of team banter going on that made the session even more enjoyable for me. Such as Edward yelling and trying to put people off.

At the end we ha a normal match, due to the fact that only about 10 people bothered to turn up it was much smaller than usual. Jeff was playing on the left side of defence so I took the opportunity to push up and be a bit more attacking and I was really pleased with the way it went.

I was getting the ball a lot more which was weird because I’m not used to that and did not know what to do with it half the time. But I made some nice passes, put in some nice tackles and almost scored a couple of times. I even put Zico under pressure a few times and forced him to knock the ball out of play.

Tomorrow we play FC Tilburg Regent at home, this is the team that I scored my one and only goal against last season, and it was a home game so I’m certainly going to be pushing for them to let me go up for corners if I’m centre back., If I’m left back then I’m going to ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

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