Everyone is Taking the Piss

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]The kitchen is still not finished, the workmen come for a couple of hours and do some work and then they disappear for two or three days with a poor excuse of “we have another job to do”, surely you should stay and finish a job before you rush off to half start another one? No amount of moaning to the council seems to fix this problem.

And why do they not use my buzzer? Every time someone from the council (be it the estate officer or a workman) they always knock gently on the door instead of ringing the buzzer, I can’t hear that unless I’m standing behind the door looking through the spy hole (which I never do).

I’m starting to feel like cabin fever have well and truly set in, I can’t go out during the week, not even to the shops, because the workmen don’t give you a time when they are coming, they just turn up, and they don’t hang around long enough for my dad to get into his wheelchair and manoeuvre it to the front door.

I’ve started my diet again and my fitness workouts and although I’ve only been back on it for two days I am feeling better, even if I do feel even more tired than normal. Obviously everyone around me is taking the piss, but I’m trying to ignore them. Isn’t it funny how the people taking the piss out of my attempts to lose weight and get into shape are people who weigh MORE than me.

Let them laugh and take the piss out of me, I’m used to it by now.

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