Event Cancelled

This morning I received news from The Bridgehouse2, the venue who were going to host my music event on Friday, that things had not gone to plan with their court date against the council and they would be cancelling all booking at the venue until further notice.

This was a massive kick in the balls for me as I now had to go to the two bands and cancel them with only four days notice, which made me feel like a cunt, despite the fact that it was absolutely nothing to do with me and completely out of my hands.

If there is any good news to come out of it then it is that I have not lost any money, the tickets that were sold have been refunded in full, and the two bands have already found bookings for the weekend.

I put a lot of effort into this and to have it taken away from me like this does leave a sour taste in my mouth, hopefully the venue will continue fighting against the council because it would be a shame if the council won and got another decent live music venue shut down permanently.

Football training was good again tonight with a turnout of EIGHTEEN players, although one of our first team players went into a challenge and ended up breaking his leg which has ended his season and the only cover available in that position is me, so obviously the club are desperately trying to find someone else. 🙂

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