Enjoying The Weather

I love the hot weather we have been experiencing lately. So much so that I have been making regular trips down to Hastings to see Kerry. We spend the time walking around the beach and shops, with my top off getting a tan.

It is really nice to get out of London every now and again. Or maybe it isn’t that and I just like the fact that I’m with someone who I care lots about. I think it might be a mixture of both but very much leaning to the second option.

The weather on the coast means that the ladies are coming out with very little clothing. Not that I’m paying attention, why eyeball a scotch egg when you are holding some very tasty steak?

Although I saw a lot of French girls wearing breeches. Is this a fashion thing over there? It looked very odd.

The only thing I don’t like is the journey home. Going there is good because there is the excitement and anticipation of seeing someone, but on the way back there is just nothing but sadness because they have gone. And when you are feeling like that a near 3-hour journey home can be an eternity.

Photo by Justin Phelan from FreeImages

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