Effective Marketing With Melissa Ruzylo of Huntington Beach

Understanding the basic principles of marketing can help any business achieve a greater degree of success in the competitive marketplace. During her career in the management and corporate training fields, Melissa Ruzylo of Huntington Beach has often been required to create and implement marketing strategies to improve sales and increase awareness of companies and products. Her insights have helped to ensure profitability for her employers and have made her a valuable asset to these business enterprises.

Here are two basic principles that every marketing professional should take into consideration when creating a comprehensive promotional strategy.


More than simply reiterating the brand name and company logo in a variety of media settings, branding efforts should also establish a reputation and an expectation among consumers about the character and the reliability of the company. As a result, all corporate marketing strategies should be designed to reinforce the brand and to ensure the right public image for the company and its products and services.


To ensure the widest audience for marketing messages, companies should explore all possible venues available. Print and broadcast media are among the most popular forms of advertising, but cable television ads and targeted online marketing strategies can often produce exceptional results in terms of return on initial investment. Companies that diversify their marketing approach can often reap significant advantages in today’s competitive marketplace.

By considering branding in all advertising campaigns and by diversifying into new ways of marketing products and services, companies can gain a real competitive edge over their rivals and can enjoy an added degree of success in their chosen field of enterprise.

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