East London Promotions?

It took me virtually all night, and most of today, but I finally managed to update the Acton Town [www.actontownfc.co.uk] web site and the Tapp Out Radio [www.tappoutradio.co.uk] web site. I also put a link on each page saying they were now under the running of East London Promotions.

East London Promotions is a little venture that I am starting up, basically to help me to stop becoming bored around the house all bloody day. I’ll spill the beans on this at a later date when I have got everything set up and ready to go.

How childish am I?

I spent most of the afternoon messing around with my new phone. I spent hours surfing the internet looking for little audio clips that I could use as ringtones. I even put on some free games that I found, I now have LMA MANAGER 2006 ON MY PHONE!

I know have Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s “Dani California” as my funky ringtone.

I got a text from Reiss today … Well it was sent on the 7th of May but I put my old sim chip into my dad’s phone, to get my numbers, and saw the new text. He was taunting me about how much he is enjoying Ireland whilst I’m stuck in London.

Ah well, at least it is nice and warm so the psoriasis on my arms is getting some exposure, sunlight is the best thing for psoriasis apparently.

Photo by Artur Cimoch from FreeImages

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