Ealing Feeling

I went to Ealing today to take part in the Ealing Mile, a small monthly event that I thoroughly enjoy taking part in despite it being quite a journey for only 6 minutes of running. On the train there I was bopping my head to some music on my phone, I looked up and noticed another guy a few seats along doing the same, we caught each other’s eye and gave an extra nod.

Everyone else looks uncomfortable at these two people enjoying their music, I’m not sure why it caused them such discomfort as they couldn’t hear what we were listening to and we were not throwing any shapes.

After the race I popped into Ealing Broadway shopping centre and had a look round and treated myself to some new clothes. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past year and am now down to 190lbs. I had put off buying new clothes because I was tired of buying clothes and then a couple of weeks later they were too big for me, but I had to bite the bullet as the ones I had are falling off me.

Obviously, I had to stop at the toilets to laugh at this picture.


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