Dusting Off The Football Boots

I made my glorious return to football today. I was expecting a somewhat frosty reception but almost everyone came over and told me how pleased they were that I was back in the side. Although I kept telling them it might only be for one game.

Reiss turned up and kept his distance from me. In fact he did not speak a single word to me until after the game.

I thought I had a decent game considering I am unfit and have not played in a good few months. I went up for every corner and Mark picked me out time and time again and I really should have got a couple of goals. I even tried a couple of overhead kicks which went wide.

During the end I got annoyed at how Reiss would not pass me the ball, how fucking childish can you get? There were times when I was miles open and he would rather hoof it away than pass it five yards to me. I ended up pissing off up front and staying there till the end.

After the game as I was putting my boots in my bag Reiss came sliding up to me and meekly put his hand out and said something like ‘good game’ or ‘well played’. I wasn’t going to shake his hand and hug him like a long lost brother but I did give him a quick shake/slap on the hand.

At least there was no bloodshed.

Someone tried to hold onto me and they scratched me on the thigh with their long nails. The cut that they left me with has now turned a funny colour and around it has become lumpy. I am thinking it might be infected. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for another reason (more psoriasis cream) so I’ll show it to him/her. Hopefully I will not need a tetanus jab.

I went to Finsbury Park to an event called W.E. Love Sundays. I initially thought it was going to be a comedy show as it was advertised in the comedy section of the Facebook Groups but it is in fact a music night.

It was mainly acoustic sets but they also had a Korean pop act. I refrained from getting on the floor and doing some colouring in or playing board games. I left that to the other people.

I enjoyed the music, I’d like to go again and I’ve been told it is a weekly thing, although I’d like to check out The Hare near me one Sunday as they do a weekly Jazz night.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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