Dunn Himself In

So Ryan Dunn is dead. Why is everyone making such a massive deal about it? I agree it is sad when someone passes away but that is life, it will happen to all of us one day, but why the hysteria behind this Jackass’ (getddit?) death?

He was an idiot. He did insanely stupid things like stick toy cars up his arse and drive at 140 MPH while twice over the limit, so why are people so cut up about his death? One Twitter user even said that he hadn’t been this upset since Princess Diana died! Are you fucking kidding me?!

I haven’t been this annoyed at a death since everyone lost their senses when Jade Goody died. That waste of oxygen went from being a fame-hungry media whore to the world’s darling, and the new Mother Teresa, all within about a month.

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