Drinking and Textual Confusion

Thursday I was not in a particularly good mood so thought I’d go for a quick pint in The Goose as it is near the bus stop on the way home from work. So there I am supping my pint of Pedigree at the bar when I see a woman come rushing to the bar with a plate in her hand demanding the attention of the barmaid.

“Excuse me madam, I wouldn’t feed this to a fucking dog!” the woman exclaimed as she dropped the plate on the counter and stormed back to her wheelchair. Yes, the poor food she was offered had infuriated this woman so much it had given her super healing powers and forced her to leap from her wheelchair to complain!

As she took her seat she continued yelling about the poor state of the dried peas and watery instant mash potato. The woman in charge was called and basically told the complainer to eat it or fuck off. The complainer’s carer decided they should leave and wheeled her out to a chorus of jeers from almost the entire pub.

Then the chef came out and almost had a mental breakdown because someone did not like his food.

I thought of a new slogan for the pub on my way home. The Goose: It heals the sick and the lame through the power of poor cuisine.

My back-up phone decided to kick me in the bollocks and die on me. What is it with me and phones these days? Both phones just powered down and refused to work again. They both had full batteries and replacing batteries did not work.

My dad has three phones, one he uses and two he has had in the drawer for about four years and has never used them. I thought he would not mind if I used one, he went fucking mental and threw an absolute fit at the mere suggestion of me borrowing one for a week or two.

Friday I was in a bit of a mood so went for a couple of drinks in The Goose. I ended up staying in there for a couple of hours. before heading home to sink a few more cans and crash in front of the telly.

I’ve only started talking to Thes about a week ago and I appear to have upset her already. About 6pm (6:01pm if you wish to be pedantic) I sent her a text which wasn’t rude (well I don’t think it was rude). I got a reply about 1am telling me off for sending her a text so late and waking her up.

Either she goes to bed at an insanely early hour (6pm) or my text was delayed and did not go through until around 1am. I’m assuming it was the second option. If it was the second option then I’m not sure it was my fault. :/

When she sent me the angry text I actually went through the messages on my phone to make sure I had not sent her a late one as I do have a habit of texting people when I’m bored and drunk. But I only sent her two, the latest was 6:01pm. I sent one to Reiss at around the same time but I’m not sure what time he got that one.

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