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Since I have been writing this blog (way back in the day on Live Journal and then Blogger) I have had people say that they would like to read my blog but they only come once a week and they are swamped with about 10-14 posts sometimes and it intimidates them into running away.

Some have even complained to me that my blog takes a bit of time to load or they do not want to be greeted with banner adverts advertising things they have no interest in buying.

These people have obviously never heard of RSS Feeds.

Subscribing to my blog’s RSS feed means you can receive my posts the second they are published on my blog. This makes it easier for you as it means you do not have to visit my blog to read my posts, they are delivered straight to you!

There are two ways to subscribe.

RSS Feed subscription

New posts will be sent to a web RSS feed reader, if you have the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE7) then you already have one installed.

What If I Don’t Have Internet Explorer 7?

Not a lot of people like IE7, if this is you then simply download one of the many fine RSS feed readers that are available such as Google Reader and Bloglines.

Then visit my blog and click on the RSS Feed link at the top of the blog and there you have it.

Email Subscription

Any new posts are sent directly to your email account.

This is also very easy. Simply visit my blog and click on the Email Subscription link at the top of the page.

You will be asked to check you email account for an email with a confirmation link and once clicked you are subscribed and my posts will pour into your email account once a day.

You will only receive one email a day regardless of how many posts I have made in the day.

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