Don’t Leave it too Late to Make Your PPI Claim

You might have noticed the increase in advertising in magazines, online and on your television lately about PPI, for those of you who don’t know what it stands for it means ‘payment protection insurance’ and it is something you are encouraged to take when you apply for a loan or some other form of credit.

It is meant to help protect you in case of you dying or becoming ill and unable to earn money to pay back the loan or credit. The huge increase in advertising is because it has become public knowledge that a lot of companies who offer PPI were mis-selling it and now there is a growing bandwagon of people looking to claim this back.

It is a rather profitable business right now, a lot like how personal injury was incredibly profitable a couple of years ago and before that the whole ‘cash in your endowment policy’.

If you are interested in making a claim then you’ll be happy to know there are many websites online that can help you start the ball rolling on your own or through a PPI specialist solicitor. Either way you should have a quick Google search for companies in your country that can help, a lot of them will work on a no win no fee basis.

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