Don’t Dish It Out If You Can’t Take It

Liverpool football fans are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever come across, they are even bigger hypocrites then those people who claim homosexuality is un-natural and then get on a plane or surf the internet!

Don’t get me wrong. What happened on April 15th 1989 at Hillsborough was a tragedy, 96 innocent people lost their lives.

Liverpool fans will tell you that the police were solely to blame for what happened. This is complete bollocks. Yes the police could have handled the situation better and yes they should have opened the gates to let the fans onto the pitch to avoid the crushing.

What every Liverpool fan will neglect to mention, however, is why the crushing happened in the first place. It was caused by thousands and thousands of Liverpool fans pushing and shoving trying to get into the ground to see the match without paying.

Nobody mentions this though.

The Liverpool fans paint the picture as if they are completely innocent, this is just not true. If the several thousand Liverpool fans (at least half of them had been drinking incidentally) had not tried to get in without paying then this disaster would not have happened.

“We want justice for the people who died and we blame the police.” No! Blame the people who tried to get in without paying, it was them who caused the incident!

The other thing that annoys me is how Liverpool fans will happily taunt other clubs about the major disasters they have suffered but as soon as the other team’s fans reply with taunts about Hillsborough who hell breaks loose.

Manchester United had almost their entire team and back room staff killed in an airplane crash in the late 1950s and Liverpool fans will take great pride in singing songs about it when the two teams meet.

When Liverpool played Millwall a couple of years ago they happily sang songs about Millwall fans being stabbed in Hungary and the soldier who supported Millwall who was killed in Iraq.

This is perfectly fine but as soon as any team’s fans makes reference to Hillsborough the Liverpool fans suddenly become angry and try to rip up seats to get to the fans doing the singing.

I know that sort of thing goes on, but if you’re prepared to sing about other tragedies you can’t then pull direction and start crying when songs are sung back at you about Hillsborough.

Calm down, calm down.

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