Don’t Call Me A Journalist!

When I tell people that I am a freelance writer they often ask me why I do not call myself a journalist and take offence when people call me this. It is because I do not wish to be associated with the utter twats that write for the national newspapers.

They sensationalise news items beyond belief, and for what? Just to sell a couple of extra newspapers they are prepared to whip up some panic among the idiots that make up the majority of the population of this country.

Today I saw on the front page of The Sun a headline that was alerting their readers to the news item that a Muslim had been fined a paltry £50 for burning poppies.

They were running with the angle that he was fined only £50 because he was a horrible nasty terrorist Muslim, which is ridiculous. He was fined £50 because that was probably the correct sentence for such a crime.

These scumbags (journalists) will rip apart a celebrity for any reason. Poor Jason Manford had his entire private life scrutinised and put under a microscope just because he was found to be talking dirty with a couple of girls on Twitter.

They tore his career apart, dug for dirt on his parents and even his innocent wife, just to sell a few more copies of their rag.

And it doesn’t end with The Sun. The Star, The Mirror and even The Mail and The Times stoop to racism to sell their publication.

I hate them and do not wish to be lumbered in the same disgusting pile as those bastards.

And if destroying lives and inciting people to hate other ethnic groups was not enough they are also happy to publish lies. I have lost count of the amount of times Millwall have been accused of doing something they were innocent of.

A reporter for The Voice said he attended a Millwall Brighton game and heard Millwall fans chanting ‘Siege Hail’. What he actually heard were Brighton fans chanting ‘seagulls’, their nickname.

At a game against Huddersfield (I think it was) a lone fan threw something at the linesman (a coin I believe) and he was clobbered and handed over to the police by Millwall fans. The next day the News of the World splashed on their back page “Millwall thugs deck lino with concrete.”

And what about the amount of times someone has taken a newspaper to court for printing something that isn’t true? It happens a lot more than the public are informed of.

End of rant. :)

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