Don’t Bring Me Your Drama

Why are people so bloody weird? If you come to me and ask me for some advice then you should be aware that my advice, whilst not necessary good, is always honest and straight from the shoulder. You are not allowed to ask for my advice and then get angry with me if you don’t like what I have said to you.

I got into a row with a female friend I have known online for about 6 months today.

She lives on a farm in Australia, with her husband. She is secretly in love with a guy from a poor city called Peshawar in Pakistan. She’s never spoken to this guy on the phone (or Skype) nor has she visited him in person. but she loves him and doesn’t want to live without him.

The guy, in my eyes, is a complete whack job.

– He regularly cuts his chest and then writes her name on his chest, in his own blood, and sends the pics to her on Facebook. She thinks this is cute and means he loves her.

– Every couple of days he threatens to kill himself if she is not quick enough to reply to him.

– He headbutts and punches walls and shows the wounds to her on Facebook saying he did it to prove his love for her.

I do not think that this is normal behaviour. And when she came to me this morning for advice I told her that this is not normal behaviour and that I think he needs to seek professional help.

Her response was to give me a load of abuse and tell me that I am just jealous because she has found someone. Found someone? Babe, you have not even met or spoken to him. You have fallen for a picture of him, and let’s be honest that might not even be him.

I’m leaving her to it. I don’t need drama like that in my life.

Photo by Greg Dickens from FreeImages

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