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We all wish we could do our little bit to help those of us who are less fortunate than ourselves, be it giving some money to charities or giving food to churches when they do a yearly harvest drive. But what about donate boat?

This is something I have never come across before but there is a website called Boat Angel that will happily take your boat off your hands and auction it on EBay to the highest bidder and then give the money raised to one of over 50 charities that are listed on their website.

You simply fill in the form on their website or give them a phone call you will then be sent a receipt and a disposable camera to take pictures of the board and then you send the pictures back. Within 6-8 days they will come an pick up the boat. If they fail to sell the boat then they will keep it in storage for free until they do successfully sell it.

The charities that will be helped thanks to your generous donation include charities that deliver medical supplies to war torn countries, food to starving people, DVDs on how to steer clear of contracting HIV as well as other things.

Money raised also goes towards Children’s Animation DVDs which are distributed to poor children around the world.

So if you decide to get rid of your boat then why not donate it to Boat Angel and help those less fortunate then yourself.

Photo by atirme from FreeImages

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