Dogs Have Great Memories

I was laying on the sofa when someone outside beeped their horn, it made the exact same noise as the horn of the ambulance that would drop my dad off from the hospital three times a week. The dog obviously remembered the noise because she looked at me and then went nuts as she bolted to the door waiting for him to be wheeled into the flat.

I had to spend the next ten minutes trying to calm the excited pooch down and it made me feel very bad that she had become so excited about seeing someone who is sadly no longer here any more.

On the one hand it was very upsetting to see her act so excited about someone who died four years ago, but after I managed to calm her down I could not help but marvel at how good her memory is, a noise that she hasn’t heard in over four years (which is like 30 years for a dog) sparked her memory to remember him.

I ended up going to the shop and buying her a big dog treat to make her (but probably more me) feel better.

Image by Lenka Novotná from Pixabay

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