Dodgy Shooting

Today at football training there was an incident that proved how much I needed my optician to get off their butt and hurry up with my sports glasses. I was standing about 15 yards to the right of the goal and suddenly the ball came flying my way and smashed me in the face. Now, let us ignore the dodgy shooting of our players and focus on how dangerous it could have been for me if the lenses had broken or chipped. Luckily I only got a small cut on the bridge of my nose.

As people pointed out it was probably safer for us all to stand IN the goal.

It was another enjoyable training match, but I could not help but share the frustration that the manager has been feeling that the majority of the players who turn up don’t seem to be taking things seriously, one of the players actually stormed off home 20 minutes early because he was not being passed to as much as he wanted! Maybe he was hoping to impress his girlfriend who had turned up to watch him train?

I welcome any changes the manager makes – just as long as I’m not one of the shit players he has been talking about getting rid off!

Photo by byron hardy from FreeImages

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