Discover the Magic of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a land of enchantment and wonder. With a delightful ambiance that combines ancient traditions and modern style, Denmark’s capital is a vacation destination not to be missed.

Getting to Copenhagen

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The Story of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, nearly one thousand years old, began as a small fishing village. Copenhagen’s prime harbor location made it an important center of commerce. The city became the capital of Denmark in the mid-15th century.

Copenhagen’s location was advantageous for business, but left it vulnerable to enemy attacks. Under siege throughout much of its history, German forces occupied Copenhagen during World War II.

A toll bridge built in 2000 connects Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö. As a result, Copenhagen has grown from its humble beginnings as a tiny fishing village to the hub of a large, bustling metropolis. Over a million visitors come to Copenhagen each year to experience its rich history, exquisite architecture, gorgeous scenery and innovative city life.

What to See and Do in Copenhagen

Whatever your desires, Copenhagen has just the right attraction or venue. From castles to amusement parks, there is something for everyone in Copenhagen.

Where else but Copenhagen would you find the world’s oldest and second oldest amusement parks? Bakken is over 400 years old and sits amid trees just as old. Over 2,000 free-range sika, red and fallow deer inhabit the area, but the real draw is the fun. Ferris wheels, roller coasters and extreme adventures await you at Bakken.

Tivoli is the world’s second oldest amusement park and is a few minutes walk from City Hall. In addition to the most exciting rides around, Tivoli Gardens features live music every day.

If visiting architectural landmarks is more your style, you will find plenty to do in Copenhagen. The Round Tower was built in the 17th century by Christian IV to serve as an observatory. Still used by amateur astronomers, the Tower now houses art, cultural, historical and scientific exhibitions.

Rosenborg Castle was the residence of the royal family until 1720, but has been a museum since 1838. It houses many of Denmark’s most famous treasures. Attractions include the Great Hall with a coronation throne, crowns, crown jewels and tapestries.

A wide variety of cuisine and nightlife venues await you in Copenhagen. Enjoy kid-friendly restaurants that cater to children. Eat traditional Danish food like “spread bread”: An open-faced sandwich typically based on rye bread, spread bread has a wide number of delicious topping options. No visitor should leave Copenhagen without tasting authentic Danish pastries. Bakeries, coffee shops, cafes and patisseries abound.

Nightlife in Copenhagen means dancing all night or spending a quiet evening drinking beer with the locals. Find just the right nightclub, whether it’s disco or glam. Countless music venues cover everything from classical to electro. For a more personal experience, visit a bodega, one of Copenhagen’s traditional pubs, for chats with local residents.

Copenhagen is the place to discover the past and experience the future.

Photo by Marc Garrido i Puig from FreeImages

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