Ding Dong The Witch Has Resigned Due To Ill Health

I was going to lead with the title Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead but that would have been cruel (as she is not dead) and, most importantly of all, inaccurate. You can also count it as a playful dig at the people who jump all over health and safety if you like.

Sue has resigned from her position as supervisor. She didn’t do it straight away, she took four weeks holiday and then told her bosses she was done with the place. Although she was cool to me, she was not very popular with the other cleaners and would shout at them and basically treat them like crap.

So there is an air of positiveness about the place now as Laura has been promoted to the supervisor role. She is very cool and pretty much lets you get on with the job and do it at your own speed as long as you finish it properly.

Football seems to have turned a corner. Bethnal Green Celtic earned their first good result, and a clean sheet, when we drew 0-0 with RYPSA on Sunday. Hopefully the humiliating defeats are now firmly behind us and we can push on and get something against Ace in our last friendly this Saturday.

I seem to be spending a fortune on acne treatments again. I have suffered with spots since I hit puberty and even some 16 years on I still get them on a regular basis.

They appear at the top of my nose, at the bottom of my nose and on my chin. They are highly embarrassing because people still associate this with not washing and being dirty. But anyone who knows me will vouch that I’m the cleanest fucking person you’ll ever meet. I can’t go ten minutes without washing my hands!

I can’t even burst them because I have psoriasis and any marks like that on my body develop into new patches, and I have enough problems fitting into society with out having scabby patches on my face.

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