Dieting Ain’t Easy

I do not know anyone who has not tried to diet, my friend Reiss recently tried exercising in a bid to lose weight but he neglected to stop eating junk and drinking 14 cans of beer a day.= so obviously it did not work.

I recently went on a little diet of not drinking alcohol during the week and cutting back on the takeaways and I actually dropped a jean size. :)

But most people who are dieting do not live on takeaways and consume their own body weight in beer. These people are the ones who try most diets without much success.

One option is a pill called Fenphedra, it is a pill that can help you lose weight by stimulating various chemicals in your body to strangle your appetite so you do not eat as much.

Of course the best thing to help you lose weight is will power, but sadly you can not buy that.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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