Depressive State

I have been in a bit of a depressive state lately. Maybe it is the fact that I have forced myself to take time off from running before embarking on my next training block. Maybe it is because I have been applying for 20+ jobs a day and nothing is coming back. Maybe it is due to the lodgers taking the piss and not paying their full rent. Or maybe it is a mixture of all three. Whatever it is I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed moping.

I had a fantastic run on Sunday and managed to knock two minutes and thirty-one seconds off my half marathon PB to get it down to 1:36:07. I will now spend the week not running before starting an 11-week training plan for a half marathon in July where I hope to break 1:36.

Much to the chagrin of my work advisor, I have been applying for a lot of jobs lately. We are talking at least 20 a day for the past few months. My advisor has been telling me off for applying for so many because it means he has to go through them all with me. Of course, he doesn’t, he just scans the lists.

I’m hoping that something will come in soon, but as the days go by, and I keep applying, I’m slowly losing hope of getting another job again.

My lodgers are struggling to pay their share of the rent and rather than talk to me about it they are hiding from me and only communicating through text. I’ve given them until June 1st to sort their shit out or they will have to leave.

Image by Lucija Rasonja from Pixabay

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