Debut for Poplar FC

I was feeling rather delicate as I awoke this morning and immediately felt thankful that Popular FC were not playing until 12pm, because if it was a 10:30am kick-off (like it was last week) then I might have had to show my age and give the game a miss.

I glad I made it though as by the time I got there I felt much better, well I did after I went into the changing room toilets and pretty much destroyed them, Poplar FC only had nine players turn up and they reluctantly asked me to go in goal, I didn’t think I would make it onto the pitch as the shirt was a medium (I’m an XL kind of guy), the shorts were like hotpants and the socks felt like they were welded to my legs!

My performance was not great but we managed a very credible 1-1 draw.

I almost marked my debut for them with a red card after the defence left me and an opposing striker to challenge a cleared ball, I tried to kick the ball but ended up kicking the striker, thankfully one of my defenders had managed to get behind me so I was only on the end of a yellow card, taking one for the team I think it is called because he would have almost certainly scored if I hadn’t done my Bruce Lee impression.

A minute after that the game ended and as I walked off I saw my brother standing there, the first words out of his mouth were “you dirty bastard!”, he had turned up just in time to see my kick.

It feels awesome playing again. 🙂

Photo by Peter A. from FreeImages

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