Dean the Goalkeeper?

I did my first workout today and it almost bloody killed me! Today being Monday meant that it was calves and quads day, I managed to get through that part of the workout without too much hassle, but afterwards I did 30 minutes of intense cycling on the exercise bike, which is the reason why I’m now walking like a cowboy.

I felt great afterwards despite the aching coming from my buttocks and thighs, I had to resist the urge to do another one later in the day as I think that would have finished me off.

Wayne came round and decided to stay the night, he bought his PS3 with him and we took turns at playing FIFA 13 because for some reason the console would not allow both remotes to be used at the same time.

He asked me if I fancied playing for his team on Sunday, they have a tournament to take part in and are struggling to find a goalkeeper, I played in goal twice for his team before and one of the games I even kept a clean sheet. It will be nice to get back into playing again.

I even managed to keep to a work schedule and actually got a lot of work completed and spent less time faffing about on websites like Facebook and forums, which I spend WAY too much time on.

Bring on Tuesday!

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