“Dean Sweets! Dean Sweets!”

I didn’t fancy taking advantage of the breakfast that was offered at the hotel that we stayed in, so we headed into town where we had two belly buster breakfasts. My girlfriend is tiny so she only managed to eat half of it and as a lovely caring boyfriend I polished hers off for her. :)

She was still feeling the effects of last night, and I was having one of my tired days, so we decided to have a rather easy day and an early night. We had a family day and spent the day with her daughter, one of her nieces (not the one we went out with last night) and her grandson.

I have met her grandson before and we got on famously, so much that I have fallen in love with the little monster and he loves sitting on my lap while playing or watching TV. When I’m not there he says my name. I thought this was nice until my girlfriend told me what he says in full.

“Dean sweets!”

When I see him I buy him a packet of sweets, and even at two years of age he knows that I will always have sweets on me. I sent my girlfriend out into the cold to get him an ice-cream from the fan. Even with ice-cream smeared all over his mush he still looked cute. :)

While we were watching him paint his high-chair with ice-cream we were looking at pictures from last night and I noticed my girlfriend had her ring on her wedding finger instead of her middle finger. She told me she did that to warn off any girls from chatting me up. She also said it was to give her practice for when we get married.

She likes mentioning this because it makes me squirm. Her daughter and friends on Facebook get in on the act by asking when the wedding is and threatening to buy me personalized wedding vow box.

Not that I’m against getting married some day, I just think it is way too early to be thinking about that, we’ve only been going out about six weeks. :)

We ended up having an early night, well early for us, we went to our room with some wine and she fell asleep about 10pm while I watched the football. Lying in bed with a beautiful sleeping women, with alcohol and football on the telly. Not a bad way to spend the day. :)

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