Custom House 6s Continue their March

I woke up this morning and immediately screamed the house down as I tried to get out of bed, the pain was back in my kidney area and was THREE times as worse as before. I couldn’t move quickly, I couldn’t bend down, and I was walking like I had shat myself. My dad found this funny and throughout the day he kept dropping things on the floor for me to pick up and then laughing hysterically as I struggled to do so.

Glad people can find so much pleasure out of my pain.

My Custom House 6s team were back in action tonight, another fixture against league leaders West Ham Sporting Club, this is the THIRD time in three weeks we have played them and this time we beat them 7-1. I was very pleased with our performance and another win against the leaders, we have chopped their lead down from five points to one point and we have a game in hand over them so the title SHOULD be ours if we can keep it going.

I wasn’t going to play, but the guys were getting tired and one of them got injured so I kitted up and played in brief little cameos and didn’t do too badly considering I could barely run properly.

After the game they were moaning at the ref about being fed up with playing us again, the guy in charge of their team noticed me standing there waiting to shake the ref’s hand and immediately started back-tracking and said it wasn’t a reflection on us, they just wanted to play the other teams in the league as well. I can understand that, we’ve played five games and only played two different teams.

I sat in my brother’s car after the game and watched them almost come to blows with each other. And I thought to myself it would be rather funny if we started bringing a drum to our games to play like they do at some professional clubs. Nothing like a full roland electronic drum set, just one big drum to bang constantly.

Although I’m sure someone would end up wearing it over their head pretty quick!

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