Consistency From The Council Is What We Require

The first thing I saw this morning was the hoopla that the new Sainsburys Christmas advert had created. It featured a black family singing a cheesy song about gravy and no white family in sight.

Yep, that was enough to set off the racists.

My girlfriend phoned me in some distress because Hackney Council had sent someone round to do a gas safety inspection and the man had condemned her cooker. I understand why he did it, but what I am surprised about is that they disconnected the cooker of a vulnerable woman, who has two vulnerable children, and then buggered off – leaving her with no means to cook for her and her two vulnerable children.

Their only solution was: “Can’t you go and cook food at someone’s house?”

What if she didn’t have anyone around to let her use their cooker? What if she had to travel 10-20 miles just to use a cooker to feed her children?

I found a couple of numbers for gas engineers to come and fix it, but they all said they were not coming out to homes due to coronavirus. So she has to apply for a budget loan, which takes 6-8 weeks if she is lucky.

It is OK to allow a vulnerable women and her two vulnerable children to struggle to cook food, but when her 15 year old child refuses to wash then Hackney Council come rushing round to tell her what a terrible mother she is and threaten to take her children away.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

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