Confrontation Next To A Dolphin

I went to my local Jobcentre today, I have not stepped foot in that place in about 5 or 6 years, to ask them to take me off ICA and put me back on JSA so I could start the arduous task of trying to find employment with hardly any experience.

In the end I just looked at the jobs, I did not speak to the angry-looking lady sitting behind the desk, I wimped out and decided to use those computer things to have a gander at some of the vacancies on offer. I swear the jobs have not changed since I last went there!

The reason I wimped out is because I spoke to a friend last night, who has a good knowledge on the benefits, and he said if I go back on JSA then I will be about £30 a week worse off. I don’t know about the rest of you but taking £30 a week from me will leave a massive hole at the moment, it is just short of a third of what I get now.


I went out with Reiss, Jen, Alfie, Adrian and Mark on Saturday, we went to a pub called The Dolphin in Hackney to do some karaoke – well I didn’t get up and sing but the rest of the party were only too happy to get up and make arses out of themselves in the name of fun.

It was actually a good night until the end when Mark started having a go at Reiss over something he had said. I have no idea what it was, Mark refused to tell me and Reiss claims he does not remember, but Mark was almost foaming at the mouth with rage.

I tried to calm the situation down but Mark turned on me and started effing and blinding and telling me to “go fuck myself” repeatedly. His brother Adrian even tried to say something but Mark just tore him apart verbally until he backed away.

Mark said something to me, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was (it was probably nothing serious) but I do remember it angered me enough to tell him we were going to settle this outside like men. The exact phrase I used was “Right! you and me, outside now!”

When we got outside the pub he tried to square up to Reiss but I pulled him out of the way and Mark then squared up to me, I should have punched his lights out but instead I tried to talk to him again but I eventually got sick of him and basically told him to fuck off before I do something I regret, I’ve never seen anyone move as fast as he did down the road.

I did not want to fight him because me an Adrian are quite good friends. I ended up going into a shop with Reiss to give them time to get a bus or something but when we came out Adrian was standing there on his own, his brother had tore him apart verbally for not standing up for him.

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