Computer Go Bye Bye

Well my computer finally decided to go and die on me. The original parts of the thing was about 15 years old, I’d added certain new items like new ram and new hard drive over the years.

To be honest the processor was struggling more and more these days. I managed to strip the computer of the hard drive, CD Rom, floppy drive, RAM and the graphics card and modem.

I started using my Dad’s computer and by the next day that had decided to pop its clogs as well. So now we have no computer in the house, having both died about a day apart from each other.

So if anyone was wondering why I have been considerably quiet online for the past three weeks then now you know the reason.

But I have access to the internet shop around the corner so I should be able to get online for about an hour a day until the weekend when hopefully my new PC should be ready to pick up.

Photo by Balázs Kovács from FreeImages

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