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There are a lot of poker portal sites dotted around the internet these days. Their main purpose is to help you find the best online poker game web site by hunting through them all and listing the best ones for you.

But Compokers really does go a lot further than the rest.

Not only do they provide you with a top notch list of some of the finest poker sites available on the Word Wide Web today but they also offer reviews on all of the poker sites, reviews by people who have actually played the games and have given you their honest opinions.

They also list some great tournaments that you can get involved in.

But this is where most poker pot sites would stop, Compokers keeps on going.

They have articles on poker rules, the history of poker, how to improve your poker playing ability and many other informative posts. Their blog is awash with information for people of all abilities.

They also provide an exhaustive list of profiles on some of the biggest pro poker players.

The site is still very much a work in progress and they are adding new material on a daily basis. The people behind Compokers are aiming to make their site the one-stop point for all your poker needs, and with the current quality content it will not be long before this is a reality.

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