Coming Apart At The Seams

I have spent the past couple of months feeling like I am being torn in half. I’ve become involved in the middle of a pair of friends who used to date and now hate each other. They slag each other off to me and both want me to stop being friends with the other.

I want to be friends with them both but I feel like a discounted piece of clothing that two catty women are fighting over in Primark. If I take one side I’m going to upset the other, yet if I just walk away I’m going to upset both of them.

Whatever I do someone is going to get hurt.

On top of that I’ve found out that my dad was rushed into hospital last night with a severe case of pneumonia, any type of pneumonia is incredibly dangerous at 70 and in his poor physical state. That wasn’t the best news to come home to.

Sometimes I feel like just telling everyone to fuck off. 🙁

It is not all bad news though. I discovered that Google have updated their page ranking system and this blog has gone from a PR0 to a PR2, and three other blogs of mine have increased from PR0 to PR1.

This means I can earn more money from blogging when I finally get my nose to the grindstone.

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