Come On Millwall!

Saturday is here and that used to mean nursing a hangover from the night before and lying on the sofa groaning while watching TV. Now I’ve stopped drinking there is no hangover or lying around in pain to endure.

In fact I did something at 8am this morning that might make a lot of you feel unwell. I did a one hour workout with my weights concentrating on my arms and abs. I found some workout regimes online and had my best ab workout so far.

I’m not going to the flat today, Millwall are playing in the first leg of the League One play-offs against Huddersfield and I am not missing this for anything. Football training was cancelled today so we could watch it!

Might watch the cup final after, that will depend on my mood and if we have a TV left, if Millwall lose there might be a foot-shaped hole in the screen.

This is the fifth time we have gone through the play-offs, surely this year it is our time?


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