Cold Calling Calling

What is it with these companies who keep sending unsolicited text messages every couple of days trying to sell us on various products that 95% of the population have absolutely no interest in?

Not only is it text messages but we also get phone calls with nobody on the line and after a couple of seconds a click will be heard and a person will come on the line and try and sell you something that you don’t want.

I get this on my mobile phone and my dad gets them on his mobile phone and the house phone, between us we will get about half a dozen every day!

I tried signing our numbers up to the TPS service which stops cold calling but six months on and the level of calls and messages has increased instead of decline.

If I want to know about things like PPI then I am more than capable of going online to a site like or search Google for sites on the subject, I do not need to be contacted every day.

My friend Reiss deals with them in a fantastic way, he keeps them on the line for as long as possible and just takes the piss out of them by asking asinine questions until they hang up.

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