Clothes Shopping & AFC Ealing Lose Again

I went to Mare Street to see if I could buy some clothes for my interview on Monday. I wanted to buy a shirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of trousers.

I managed to find a nice pair of shoes and a nice black & white pin stripe shirt but the only place I could find that sold trousers were Marks & Spencer’s and I’m sorry but I’m not paying £45.00 for a pair of trousers that I’m only going to wear once.

But I did find a nice new fleece, so things are not all that bad.

I thought I would be late to football but thankfully not only did I get there on time but the away team were very late. I again had to put the nets up and I was a little pissed when at fulltime I had to take them down because everyone else had fucked off home.

We lost the match 2-0 but I was so pleased with my own performance as I put in some great tackles & blocks and I ran the defence along with Jayson & new guy Paul very well for most of the game. If I am not named man of the match then this is the biggest injustice since time began!

After the game I had a quick pint in the pub by the motorway, as I watched the scores come in, and then I headed home to get ready to go out with Reiss and his new girlfriend Thes.

I’d never met her before, she came over a nice enough girl, she found Reiss incredibly funny which was slightly worrying. I had a game of pool with her and was trying to be a gentleman and let her win but then the competitor in me kicked in and I whooped her butt!

I fell asleep in the Mucky Pup and dropped my pint all over the counter, which was very embarrassing, but I guess that is what happens when you have Anaemia and don’t treat it. :)

I am slightly worried though by Reiss’ growing obsession with all things orange. He not only wears an orange tie, wrist bands and shoes but now wear orange face paint and has died half of his head ginger!

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