Cheaters Do Prosper If They Are World Champions

Tonight I faced my biggest test at work. I would have to complete my duties at work knowing that Millwall would be playing on TV and I would not be able to watch it. They actually kicked off at the time I started going around turning the lights off and locking up the buildings.

Of course they will win if I am not able to watch them, and sure enough they comfortably eased past Luton Town by beating them 2-0. They only seem to win when I am not watching them, well I shall have the last laugh because from Saturday October 31st I’ll be buying the iFollow passes and will be watching as many of their games as I can at the weekends, so they will surely go into free-fall and be relegated by March. Ha ha ha ha

I read something rather interesting regarding an athlete today.

The Athletics Integrity Unit (the anti-doping watchdog) issued a ban to Bahraini world 400m champion Salwa Eid Naser for missing FOUR drug tests (known as whereabouts failures). She obviously appealed the decision on the grounds that the first three failures did not occur in a year and the fourth failure was due to an error where she gave a fake address.

That’s right. She didn’t make a small error in her address, she gave a completely different address. She forgot where she lived.

The World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal staggeringly overturned her suspension and she is now free to race again.

As an elite athlete you have to agree to fill in an online form to tell the testers where you will be every day so they can test you randomly. She knows this, her coaches and management team knows this. There is no room in this for the “I forgot” excuses.

Has she gotten away with this simply because she is a world champion?

There is no indication that she has taken any banned substances, she has simply evaded being tested.

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