Change Of Venue

Last night I went out with Reiss to a bar in Camden, I have no idea what it is called but they were having this thing on where you pay £3.00 to get in and the bar stays open until about 3am in the morning.

They had some DJs who were playing ragga and jungle which is music that I was very into in my youth and I was loving it sitting at a table and singing and foot-tapping along to a lot of the tunes that I used to love in the 90s.

I was not sure how Reiss would like it as he is very close-minded when it comes to music. If it does not have Led Zeppelin in it then is normally not even remotely interested. He seemed to like it, and even mentioned that he was enjoying it, but after about ten minutes you could see that he was beginning to get bored of it.

To be honest I was not in the mood to go out, I have not been in the mood to go out for a few months now but when we decided to phone Wes and get him down things picked up and we actually had a pretty cool time.

The beer was a bit pricey (almost £4.00 a pint) but it tasted very nice and we could not go to the Mucky Pup as Reiss had a row with one of the staff called Rob the night before and if we went there I probably would have lamped him one, even though it was probably Reiss who started it.

Anyway it was nice to go somewhere different.

We had to wait for what seemed like hours at the bus garage for the 106 bus to take us home, we could see the fucking bus driver sitting in his cab reading the newspaper and grinning as we stood in the drizzling rain and freezing cold at about 2am in the morning.

I ended up getting home about half five in the morning.

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