Change Of Holiday Destination

Days left till holiday: 85!

I had planned to go to Hasting at the first weekend of July for a beer & music festival. I was going to spend Friday and Saturday in Hasting/St Leonards and then spend Sunday in Seaford. I intended to get drunk Friday and Saturday night and spend the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday looking around at where I used to go to boarding schools and hang out.

But that all changed a couple of days ago when someone read my blog and pointed me in the direction of information on the Mid Sussex Times web site stating that the event had been cancelled this year due to poor turnout because of the shite acts they had booked last year.

But al is not lost because by a fluke of nature I was on Facebook yesterday and was searching for groups that might be related to the boarding school in Seaford that I used to go to (Bowden House) and I stumbled across the Seaford Beer & Music Festival group, which will b going on at the end of July.

So I am not going to go to the Hastings festival (their web site is not even saying anything about the event being cancelled, it is still offering tickets and information on 2007′s event) instead I shall wait until the end of July and go to the one in Seaford.

I had planned on spending the majority of the Sunday in Seaford sampling the various local ales anyway so why not make a weekend of it. Apparently it has a popular nightclub (even thought it does have a somewhat blemished reputation among the locals) and Brighton is only a train/bus away.

I have done a bit of research and have found out that Seaford have at least seven pubs (although one of them might be classed as a wine bar) so there will be plenty of pubs to check out once the event is over and there are several that are just outside the town that lead along the Cuckmere river that I have been informed offer even greater local ales.

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