Celebrating The Loyalty of A Legend

I had been looking forward to Saturday for the past couple of weeks. For it was the day that I was going to go and join several thousand other Millwall fans and pay our respects to a Millwall legend. Neil Harris had a testimonial against Scottish Premier side Hearts.

In this era it is incredibly rare for any player to spend ten years at one club but Not only has Neil Harris achieved this, not only does he now hold the record for most goals scored for the club, but he actually lives and breathes Millwall.

A lot of the time when you see a player kissing the club badge or saying “this club is where I belong” they are normally talking out of their arses. But with Neil it is different, he really means it. The day he retires will be a sad day at The New Den.

I asked my mate Reiss if he fancied taking advantage of a free spare ticket to the game, I’m still waiting for him to give me back my arm after he ripped it off when he accepted my kind offer!

I really enjoyed myself. Pretty much everything about it was good, the anticipation as I made my way to the ground, the pre-match build-up, the match itself and even leaving the ground after losing 3-2 was enjoyable.

I looked over at Reiss a few times who seemed quite bored, I’m guessing he was expecting a better atmosphere. I’ll take him to one of the big games during the season and show the miserable Arsenal-supporting bastard just how noisy our little club can be. :D

There were moments when I had tears in my eyes, especially when chants of ‘Super Neil’ went round the ground and the standing ovations he was given by pretty much everyone in the stadium. I’m not embarrassed to admit that, they were bigger and meaner looking men than me who were pretending they had something in their eye.

We had a quick pint in a local Weatherspoon’s before heading home to get ready for Wes’ birthday drinks in Angel.

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