Cecil The Lion

Twitter and Facebook has been swamped with anger at the killing of a well known lion called Cecil by a dentist from Minnesota. The dentist paid $50,000-$55,000 (it changes depending on what report you are reading) for the privilege of hunting and killing the lion. Although I don’t believe it can be called hunting if you lure the lion out of a protected park by dragging a dead animal carcass from the back of a jeep and then shooting it.

As you can imagine the murder of this animal for a sporting hobby has caused outrage around the world, so much so that the dentist has been forced to close his dental practice and go into hiding due to death threats from people who have threatened to do the same to him.

I can understand the anger as I feel the same way, it was a senseless killing all in the name of sport, I did not vent my anger on social media thought.

Of course all the vegetarians and vegans came crawling out of the woodwork (they don’t have the energy to walk as fast as us) to spout shit about how this guy was just like us for eating meat. This is something that I don’t agree with and it is such a different situation that it beggars belief that they would even try and make the comparison.

Zimbabwe have said that the dentist and his two guides could face up to 15 years in prison, the sad reality is that none of them will see the inside of a prison cell, they will simply be fined and will be free to go and do it all over again because they are just one of the many countries that look the other way when it comes to this kind of thing as long as a nice few quid are passed about.

I went for the first of two training runs this week: a nice easy two mile run through Victoria Park. I took it nice and easy as I had football training with Bow Badgers in the evening and didn’t want to injure myself before the race on Sunday.

The football training session was possibly my worst session ever. I was slow to a lot of shots, got lobbed way more times than I care to count, and several of the new players started verbally laying into me for my poor showing. And if that wasn’t bad enough the bastards decided to have a penalty shoot-out at the end – knowing about my inability to ever save a penalty.

The way I’m feeling now I would welcome being killed by a dentist.

Photo by Euan Straiton from FreeImages

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