Catching The Megabus Certainly Has Mega Problems

I spent the weekend up North and wish I hadn’t. When I go up North I get the coach as it is cheaper and I’m guaranteed a seat, but the same crap happens every single time I get a Megabus coach.

First of all you will see a number of us queuing patiently for the coach, then as soon as the coach pulls up people appear out of nowhere and start barging past the queue to get onto the coach first. They ignore the people queuing and just force their way to the front, smashing their cases into us as they go.

The rules on the coach are very simple and are mentioned on their site and on the buses:

– No alcohol
– No smoking
– No hot food
– No frozen food
– No pooing in the toilet

So why is it that at least half a dozen people are asked to get off the coach because they were repeatedly caught trying to take hot food (curry mostly) and alcohol onboard? They are asked to dispose of the stuff before getting on and then try and sneak back onto the coach with it.

This holds up the coach from leaving.

Then you get at least one moron who waits until the coach is about to leave before showing up. If the coach is leaving at 8am then get here BEFORE 8am! Don’t get here at 7:59am or 8:05am!

And for the love of Jesus make sure you buy a ticket BEFORE you try and board the coach!

I really should go up by train in future but Megabus will do a coach to Manchester for a bargain price of £11, coming home it only cost me £5. The cheapskate in me comes racing to the surface when I look at the £70 each way that train companies want to charge me.

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