Carpet Headache

When did ordering carpet become so complicated? I wanted to buy a carpet for my girlfriend’s bedroom. I found a website who claim to be one of the top carpet suppliers in the country, I checked out their site and found a carpet and underlay that I wanted and I added them to my basket and went to checkout, sounds simple, right?

Well although there was an option to buy the underlay, but there was no option to buy the carpet, I could not understand why only the underlay was available to purchase. I phoned the number on the site. I explained to the woman that I could not order the carpet and she informed me that the website does not take orders.

A little annoyed, I then said I would order it over the phone, she then told me that they do not take orders over the phone. I asked her why it said on their site “order online or by phone today!” and she could not answer me, just repeated that they only took orders at stores.

No problem, I’d go to the local store and order the carpet and underlay and have them send it to Manchester ready to be laid, the lady then told me that they do not have ANY stores outside of the North East of England. Apparently the only option is for me to go to a store in Manchester, look at a sample, decide I want it, pay for it, and then wait for it to be delivered.

Why is it so bloody complicated? You call yourself one of the biggest carpet stores in the country yet you don’t take online orders, phone orders, and insist on me going to a store and looking at a sample before ordering – despite me sitting in front of my laptop and looking at the carpets they have on their website.

If they were not offering me such a good deal I would have told them to sod off.

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