Careless Learner

When people learn to drive I always assumed that they were taught privately somewhere until they reach a certain standard and are then taken onto the public roads to further their training, this is obviously not how it happens.

I was waiting to cross a zebra crossing earlier today, I waited until the car approaching from the right had stopped and as there was no cars coming on the left I began to cross, I got half way when I saw a learner driver roaring up the road towards me, instead of slowing down the driver sped up and I had to jump out of the way for fear of being run over.

Thankfully the instructor slammed on the breaks and the car screeched to a halt on the crossing, I looked at the driver who was not looking at me instead she was gesturing like she wanted to get the car going again, the instructor looked at me and mouthed “sorry” as the car sped away again.

I didn’t say anything as I was rather shaken up but I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I was unable to move as nimbly as I did? I also wondered why the instructor didn’t end the lesson there and then, surely that is dangerous and putting the public at risk?

I didn’t recognise the name of the school so maybe they are a new outfit and will happily employ instructors who put their own book before the safety of the general public.

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