Calling All Potential Models

Most young girls and beautiful woman would like to be models, all a modelling agency has to do is announce they are looking for new people and they will be inundated with thousands of females from all shapes and sizes desperate to make it in the modelling industry.

It is a very difficult career to get into as so many people wish to take it up and most don’t fit the mould that agencies are looking for.

But there is now another option for those potential models who want to become noticed.

Look Of The Year is a web site that is trying to help create a new avenue for people who wish to become models. They are currently holding a contest where the winner will pick up a $10,000. This is open to people from all over the world and is not just limited to American people.

They also have agencies keenly watching them for potential new models so why not send in some of you best pictures and you might become the next Kate Moss or Sophie Dahl!

If this takes your fancy the web site is

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

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