Business Presentations Made Easy with the Venu XD 1070 Projector

The last thing that you need when making a business presentation is a tricky, cumbersome projector. And, unfortunately, technical problems can make the presenter look unprepared.

Presenters with the user-friendly Venu XD 1070 projector don’t have these problems. Because the projector is so easy to use, business presenters can focus on public speaking and their presentation instead of the equipment. What’s more, the presentation is enhanced with the projector’s portability, noise-cancelling features and multi-media connectivity. Take a look at how each of the aspects can help your presentation flow smoothly.

Easy Learning Curve

Users will immediately notice that the top side of the XD 1070 projector has only seven buttons for interface. This basic setup eliminates any confusion that might crop up during a business presentation. What’s more, the projector can display highly detailed media. Business presenters are amazed at how fast the XD 1070 can be set up and used. Even its remote is made with simple functions that aid the presenter in keeping audiences captivated.


In today’s business world, portability is a necessity. What if the main conference room isn’t available or an unexpected turnout warrants a larger room? Business presenters on the go will appreciate the Venu XD 1070 projector’s exceptional portability. Having a portable unit increases the ease of setup and allows for maximum usage. For close screen situations, the projector can display on a small 40-inch surface. Conversely, in distance setups, the projector can project a 200-inch display. Another advantage of this projector is its ceiling mount capability, which means your presentation won’t be interrupted by an audience member walking in front of the lens.

Noise Cancelling

Many projectors that have excellent lighting and finely tuned displays suffer from loud noise. This is due mainly to the lamp’s cooling features, which keep vital parts from overheating. To counter the distracting hum of high capacity fans, the Venu XD 1070 projector uses a fan made in a way that significantly reduces sound. The approximate sound level of the XD 1070 is 22 decibels, which is the sound of a whisper.

Multimedia Connectivity

Connecting with the Venu XD 1070 projector is a cinch with all of the available options. Technical video connections include:

  • S-Video
  • Video
  • HDMI
  • VGA

Additionally, the unit comes with an audio connection for increased audio needs.

Photo by Ulrik De Wachter from FreeImages

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