Broken iPhone & Being Pissed On

I bought an iPhone 3GS last week which has only been in my hands for a couple of days and it has already started to go wrong, I decided to reset it to factory settings and it took the entire day to turn itself back on. I hope nothing major happened in London as I am pretty much incommunicado.

We took my girlfriend’s daughter and the grandson into Manchester city centre for the day, we visited the museum which is always a huge favourite with the grandson and this time they had a new exhibit on one of their floors of a load of archaeological pieces that they had stolen from other countries, I’m surprised they don’t just have the name “SWAG” written over the front of the entrance. (stolen from a comedian whose name escapes me)

After we managed to make the museum last nearly two hours we decided to find somewhere to eat and walked past dozens and dozens of quality-looking eating establishments and opted for Yates, this really shows you the class of people who live in Wythenshawe, even when they are not paying they still turn their noses up at the chance to eat anywhere decent.

I wasn’t too miffed as it meant I could keep an eye on the rugby & football on the giant TVs, I ordered a chicken tikka masala curry but sadly I only got to eat half of it as the grandson needed to go for a wee and he wouldn’t go with anyone else but me and when we came back my food was stone cold so I just ate my poppadum and drank my beer instead.

We then wandered around a part of Manchester that I will definitely have to visit again. It was basically Camden’s Stables Market but without food and the little stalls were all stuffed into one giant store on three levels. It wasn’t the right place to take a badly-behaved 5-year old child so I’ll be returning on my own next time.

On the bus home the grandson decided to gleefully wet himself, much to the amusement of his mother and my girlfriend, I wasn’t so chuffed and was even less so when I discovered the little shit was sitting on my coat at the time, they couldn’t understand why I was so annoyed by this, if your child is not potty trained then put it in a fucking nappy!

When we got back to my girlfriend’s flat I dived into the bathroom to clean my jacket, thankfully it had not soaked through so a quick sponging down was all that was required.

I had promised to put together my girlfriend’s new bed which had been standing in pieces up against her bedroom walls for months, I decided to do it and then settle down for my weekly ritual of watching Match of the Day, well after much sweating and swearing I managed to get the bed up but my girlfriend was too interested in filling her glass up and dancing to remind me that not only had the football started but I had missed a good hour of it – Obviously I told her off because as a man football comes before anything!

I was very tired but my girlfriend wanted to nip down the road and have a drink with some friends and after much persuading I decided to go with her, at about 2am I fell asleep in the armchair, I wasn’t snoring or anything and everyone just left me to it apart from my girlfriend who started yelling at me for having the nerve to fall asleep in someone’s house. I don’t know what the problem was, it wasn’t like I put the host’s nightdress on and climbed into her bed … well only for a bit and nobody saw me.

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