Bridgehouse Brawl

After watching Custom House put in a poor performance against Eastside Rangers I headed home to get ready to go to Bridghouse for a DJ night with Wayne, we had a nice time that was sadly spoiled by a fight that broke out on the stairs as I was going to the toilet.

I tried to calm things down, but the main aggressor wanted a fight and threw a punch at me, I blocked it and pushed him down the stairs to throw the cunt out myself, it was then that I noticed an unconscious man laying at the foot of the stairs.

People were stepping over him to go to the toilet or outside for a cigarette, I called an ambulance and gave him first aid until the paramedics arrived, told us he was in a very bad way and were actually working on him for a good 40 minutes before they put him in the ambulance.

The poor bastard is in a coma and on the danger list.

Details were hazy, but it appears he groped a girl and her boyfriend didn’t like it and started a fight with him, the doorman was also arrested after witnesses said they say him throw him down the stairs and he smashed his head into a door frame.

As Wayne said to me afterwards “It don’t half sober you up quickly!”

I was busting for a pee but the police man guarding the entrance to the club would not let me in as it was a crime scene, he suggested I look for a quiet spot along the road and piss there. I couldn’t believe he suggested such a thing, I didn’t take him up on this offer as I saw plenty of police about and didn’t fancy a night in the cells. I waited until he had disappeared and went to the toilet in the club.

It is a shame that people can’t go out and enjoy themselves without fighting, it might have cost this young man his life, and the club looks like it is going to be shut down – through no fault of the owners.

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