For the last 18 months I have been having a bit of a fight with the housing association that owns the flat I live in. There are many repairs that need doing that have been caused by leaks from the tenant upstairs. The housing association are reluctant to fix these repairs because the tenant upstairs is renting privately and refuses to get the leaks fixed.

Some of the repairs that I reported have been marked as ‘completed’, but nobody has come and looked at them. One of the repairs is regarding severe mould in my bedroom and despite nobody coming out the repair has been marked as ‘complete’ with a note saying the guy treated the mould.

That is some achievement to treat the mould from outside my property.

Thankfully I think we have made a breakthrough. I had a bit of a rant about it on Twitter and the housing association asked me to DM them and have said they have reopened all the repairs.

I don’t know why these companies wait for people to rant and rave on social media before they actually get their fingers out of their arses. The bad publicity isn’t going to do them any favours.

I received a job offer this afternoon from one of the many that I had applied for. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement, finally the months of searching looked like they were over. I just had to fill in their registration form and they would send me to Lewisham Council to work as a refuse loader for at least 3 months – it would become permanent if they liked me.

It was when I was filling in the form that I realised they were looking for someone with a driving licence, something I do not have. I emailed them to clarify and they replied that indeed they were looking for a driver. This was not mentioned in their job advert.

To say it felt like a kick in the bollocks was an understatement.

Back to the daily grind of applying for jobs I have no chance of getting I go.

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