Bow Badgers Are Culled

Bow Badgers took on joint-league leaders Maynell this morning on what can be loosely called a football pitch (I didn’t spot a single blade of grass), it was my first full game for them after my starring role in their 2-0 demolition of fellow strugglers East London last weekend.

I stretched for the ball within the first couple of minutes and felt the familiar pain in my groin that I have felt many times before, I have torn my groin again, I couldn’t come off though as we had no one to cover my position so I had to play the remaining 85+ minutes in a lot of pain.

I don’t actually know what the final score was because I stopped counting once it got to 10-0. But despite the scoreline, and the fact that I’ve injured myself again, it was awesome to get back onto the football pitch and with each game and training session I can feel my fitness slowly starting to return.

I don’t think the players should be too disheartened to lose heavily to a team like Maynell, they train regularly during the week and our team doesn’t, while our players trickled in Maynell players were at the ground a good hour before kick-off and doing drills and warm-ups.

Boston Celtic (3rd) awaits us next week!

Photo by Mike Malpass from FreeImages

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