Boring Training

Today I was forced to undertake some three hours worth of training as the company I work for is bringing in a new database and they want us to be ready to use it when it goes live next week.

It was the most boring three hours of my life, the only thing that kept me slightly interested was the woman who was giving the lecture had no bra on & a very low top and insisted on bending down in front of me and a guy next to me so we got a nice view of her assets.

It meant I also had to stay at work an extra hour (the training finished at 5pm, I finish at 4pm), I was angry at this as not only do I not get paid for that extra hour but I also had to fight my way home through the crushing rush-hour. But apparently I can use that extra hour another day and go home even earlier.

The toilets on the 3rd, 4th & 5th floors were all blocked up so everyone had to use the two toilets on the 2nd floor, that was until about lunchtime when I tried to go down and was met with a foul stench of shit wafting up the stairs. I got to the second floor and saw the stairs were awash with a smelly brown liquid that had me rushing back up the stairs making a retching noise as I went.

On the way home today I saw just how rude and heartless people can be. I saw an elderly lady being pushed down a flight of stairs buy a load of people trying to barge their way onto a platform.

Thankfully someone put their arms out and caught her before she hit the floor and was potentially crushed. But none of these bastards cared, they just continued pushing and shoving as they eagerly tried to get onto the train.

God forbid you should wait another 60 seconds for the next train!

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

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